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Search Engine Optimization
There are a lot of ways to get indexed and high ranking on search results, we have the ultimate solution for your online marketing.
Webmaster Guidelines
One of the biggest search engine today, Google. Have their own guidelines on how webmaster / web developer should develop their site according to the search engine spider (the engine that crawls every site). And we follow every detail that this guidelines gives, in return the site can have a high ranking position on the search page.
Standard Compliant Coding
Many didn't know that design / develop using the standards that were created by W3C can help with search engine positioning. We always code our site according W3C standards, and in return many of our previous projects get better ranking in the search engine listing.
We Don't Use Adobe's Flash
We don't use flash to develop our site. amongs many reason the ability to get indexed and recognize by search engine spider / crawler is the biggest downfall using flash platform. a search engine spider can not indexed and recognize the page that is develop using flash, and therefore that particular site would get minimal search ranking. And to create an animation and other features that flash create, we can imitate using AJAX / javascript platform.
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