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Custom Web Development
We don't just take an idea and develop it, we push each idea further to collaborate and work closely with our clients to build the best piece possible.
Custom Modules
We always believe in custom design, there is no one site is the same as others. We provide custom functionality to your project, the concept and idea will be provided by you and we can start from there. Because we've used our own CMS to develop the site, we can provide virtually any idea that you have in mind.
Standards Compliant Web Design
We always believe in open standard platform, and the world wide web is a very huge platform. To ensure our code and site work with every browser we always use standard coding according to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and we always make sure every site that we're going to launch is going to work with every browser available.
Php, MySQL & Ajax
True to our nature of an open standard platform, we also used the best tools available with our projects. The PHP & MySql is our tools of choice to develop dynamic sites. And with the ever evolving web technologies we always keep up-to-date and current on what's available, and choose the right tools to develop your web project.
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