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Our Framework
Our own Content Management System, which we perfected with every single project completed. Thanks to our client feedback.
Rapid Development
The greatest benefit of having / owning Content Management System is the ability to have a rapid development for each one of our projects, we have the ability to do custom modules, custom development. And implement those features on top of an existing framework. or in short : we can complete custom development / project in a very short time.
The other greatest benefit to have our own software is security, other CMS suffers from hackers and crackers that maybe have download the commercial CMS script and found a way to exploit that script. Our CMS doesn't suffer from this unfortunate, since we only give our CMS to clients, and we won't sell the software independently, our CMS is attached / given with each project that we have worked on.
Simple. Easy to Use. Less Clutter.
We don't like complicated user interface, we love simple things that can do their job magnificently and so our CMS express what a Content Management System should look like and operate. Easy to understand even a novice in operating computers can use our software without documentation.
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