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Custom Web Design
We always start from blank canvas to design each of our projects. We love new ideas that we can incorporate in designing websites.
Original Custom Design
What makes us different from any other web companies out there ? well for starters we start every projects with blank canvas. we never use any template or any other sort's of things to start new project. We start by firing up photoshop and collect every idea for your project and stitch them piece by piece. and we usually can come up with 2 - 3 original idea for each layout.
Your Project. Your Concept.
The beauty in custom web design, is that you decide the look and feel for the site. you can give us an idea on how the site would look and we can transform that idea into the screen design. It is what we do best : Turning ideas and concept into working site !
Tools That We Use
To achieve a great design we need more than an idea, we need the right tools. the first step is we use a framework to get know the concept of the site and then we put all those ideas into photoshop layout. We always design on a Mac, not because PC is inadequate for the tasks. We just prefer the most beautiful computer, hardware & software wise.
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