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Dropping Internet Explorer Legacy Version

November 7, 2013 08:15 / Development  

Dropping Internet Explorer Legacy Version

Internet explorer has been the vain for many web designers and developers, but now Microsoft has embrace web standards and been pushing the newest IE version to support this standards. currently the highest version of IE is 11 which is a good browser from windows.

but for us web developers, we have to support all version of IE which sometimes or most of the time will messed up the design.

One of our portfolio site, YIPD is using a modern CSS3 HTML5 technique which is 

  • column-count
  • column-gap
  • column-rule

this is a css column where the page would automatically adjust for the column using only div's. without any table coding. and this saves us a lot of time on developing. but there is one problem. only IE version 10 and up support this. so we pitch our client about the technology and suggesting to drop IE below version 10, and they said YES.

We really appreciate their courage on making the web better by using web standard browsers. so what we did for their site was to put a warning for users who have IE browser lower than version 10. we use the warning.js from here

What we did was change the icon on the browser, you can DOWNLOAD from here, we updated the logo icon.

Installation :

Just insert the line

notice the if lte IE line, which means if lower then IE, in this case we use version 10, you can use it for any version.

right after the declaration of the webpage and change the e("js/ie6/") to the folder where the script's icons images are located.

you can edit the warning.js to edit the text, browser compatibility, etc.

so that's it.

source : warning.js