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Awwwwards Nominees

February 12, 2013 16:52 / Design  

Awwwwards Nominees

We would like to thank for including our site to their nominee for site of the day, it is really encouraging for us here to get nominated.

And we would like to ask for your help to vote for our site (if you think is worthy enough) in here

And we also would like to thank to the Web Community for including our site in their article. We have featured this in our blog article awards & recognition but we really felt necessary to thank for their recognition :

We really wanted to make a symmetry site and also be responsive which is quite a challenge because so many device renders differently with the typography and could mess our main menu. but at the end we have to compromise a bit, we won't tell which bit where we compromise though :)

Thanks for putting our site in your daily inspiration.

Thank you for the kind words, we really are a small team but thinking big :)

We wanted to make a wow factor when people open our site and immediately knows what we offer and what we're capable of, so thank you for acknowledging our effort.

Thanks so much for putting our site design in your inspirational post, really got us smile here at our hq.

For web publisher that featured our site design, please mention it to email hello at and we'll be sure to put it in our blog post.