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Ntfs read write support on mountain lion

January 26, 2013 18:25 / General  

Ntfs read write support on mountain lion

We didn't know that Mountain Lion 10.8.2 can have native write support for the NTFS, macs have always been able to read NTFS partition. but this little trick can save you some time and headache and also maybe money.

Disclaimer : We are not responsible for any data loss, do this at your own risk.

OSX Mountain Lion does have built-in support for NTFS, and it can read and write. However, Apple does not enable it by default. 

Here is what you should do:

  • Uninstall other 3rd-party NTFS software, like Paragon, Tuxera or NTFS-3G.
  • Edit /etc/fstab (you can do this with "sudo nano /etc/fstab" 
    • Add the following line:
      LABEL="VOLUME_NAME_WITHOUT_QUOTES" none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse
    • Quit your editor (if you used nano, you can do this with Control-X, Y)
  • Reboot, or if you prefer just unmount and re-mount the partition using Disk Utility
  • Voila! You have read-write support for this partition in OSX


Caveat: As of Mountain Lion, the nobrowse mount option is required for this to work. This means that the partition will not show up on your desktop. However, you can access it normally through Finder by either:

  • Run Terminal and type "open /Volumes/THE_NAME_OF_YOUR_VOLUME" (without the quotes
  • In Finder, press Command + the up arrow over and over until you see all of your mounted volumes. Your volume will be listed here.

We personally would trust using this implementation than any 3rd party implementation available.

source : apple discussion forum 

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