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Launch Day

June 3, 2020 10:00 / Updates  

Launch Day

Today is the day, after 8 years ago we launch a site to accept new projects. And previously before that, we were working with white label companies

AVIOC began in 2011, working for agencies and white label companies to provide web design and development. It started in 2012 when we open our site to accept new clients. We were working on every projects that we could get our hands on. Today is no different we are still as passionate as ever working with client projects, the only difference is we get more experience.

And now we redesign the site with the same spirit back in 2012 to accept more projects. We are sure glad the site is now live, with new and fresh design . We wanted a functional, fast and also minimalistic site design that is represent of who we are, and hopefully we can get new clients friends in the years to come

So what's next ? We wanted to become the best web agencies in Jakarta and hopefully we could become bigger and reach not only Jakarta and Indonesia but also South East Asia. Yet what the future holds we’re not 100% sure, but we’ve got a plan and direction, so here’s to many more years, growing the team and working on new and exciting projects.